Married in the Spring

Congratulations, California. You make me so proud. Now then, uphold it, OK? Don’t vote it down in November. I read that polls are pretty evenly split-the most recent one I found was two years ago, when 43 were in favor of gay marriage and 50 percent opposed. I hope that’s changed. And I hope it stays that way. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be devastating, and I’m lucky enough to be hard-wired to like just peen (penises? peni? Sounds like pasta). So I can’t imagine what people who have to rely on the whims of mostly straight people to decide whether or not they can call someone they live their wife or husband will do. Wow, long sentence.

Seeing the reactions of people who had no right to marry till today, it choked me up a little and gave me chills and made me realize damn, the “religious right” has some fucked-up ideas. They must honestly think this kind of thing is going to happen:

Mass. Supreme Court Orders All Citizens to Gay Marry

I’d like either Tegan or Sara, please. Or maybe Ellen Page, if she’s gay. Even if she’s not…she doesn’t have a choice. It’s either me or a computer-generated lady. What’s it gonna be?

Ahem. Turning serious for a moment. Then I’m going to bed. I listened to this song many times without ever really “listening” to it. Then I finally did and was blown away. OK, here we go. It’s called “I Was Married” by Tegan and Sara, and it’s the opener to their album “The Con.”

I married in the sun against the stone of buildings built before
you and I were born. Into my heart confusion grows against;
the muscles fought so long to control against the pull of one magnet to another.
Now we look up into the eyes of bullies breaking backs. They seem so very tough,
they seem so very scared of us. I look into the mirror, for evil that just does not exist.
I don’t see what they see.
Try to control the pull of one magnet to another.

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  1. Lovely lyric. Who is the band again?

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