Monday, Monday, Monday

— I’m so so tired I just want to lay (lie? too tired) my head on my germy desk and sleep sleep sleep. And it’s about to rain. The Sunday paper is pretty thick; I wonder if it would make a good pillow?

— I really hate this (special project redacted) we’re doing now. Why? Why must we deal with this? Especially when I’m so so so tired!

—There are only so many times I can stretch to stay awake. You know, when you’re dragging and decide a biiiig streeeetch is the answer. It revives you for about 15 seconds until the stretchy feeling leaves your limbs.

—The dentist’s office said they don’t have an appointment until early July for me to get a crown and some such. An expensive freakin’ crown. On one hand, yay, that puts off me giving them more money. On the other hand, crap, because the root canal dude said I shouldn’t wait more than a month. That’s almost right at a month, but the lady was apologetic and said she’d let me know if something came open earlier. Also, this means more time chewing on the left side of my mouth and freaking out silently when food tries to wander over to the right side, the root-canaled side. No! I protest. Silently, since it is rude to talk while chewing.

—It’s going to rain. That’ll really help my alertness.

—The primary season is over, hurrah. Onto the general. If Obama can’t beat McCain, well then, we’re all screwed. He’s a better candidate-not perfect, but infinitely better than McCain. I talked to my brother, who is undecided but leaning Obama. I suggested he call each campaign and tell them he’s an undecided voter who lives in (swing state). “They’ll probably send you roses,” I said. I’d like to live in a swing state. I am not sure why, since I would probably be bombarded with robo-calls and campaign junk mail. Still. It’d be nice to feel special. My current state is very unspecial.

—Here comes the rain. If I do pass out on a pile of papers, will a tiny sugar ant crawl over me? Ech. Speaking of sugar, I want a cold fizzy soda. I crave one. But I haven’t had one in over a month, and if I start now, my teeth will feel like dirty dirty whores. Also, there’s nothing but soda in the vending machine, sigh. Maybe some sweet tea with lunch.

—Also, I just realized, upon saving this entry and visiting my site, I never posted the last entry on my root canal. I doubt it was missed, but crap. I better do that.

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One response to “Monday, Monday, Monday

  1. I have been through root canal hell twice. Twice! It sucks!

    Hope you get your crown soon, doll.

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