Alternatives to Rickrolling

By now, I’ve been rickrolled twice,  once by a Web site and once by an old co-worker. If you haven’t experienced it yet, well, now you know. Don’t be gullible like me. Also, see above.

The whole phenomenom strikes me as rather odd, needless to say. Of all the crazes to sweep the Interwebz, this seems like a most unlikely one.  And naturally, if I’ve caught onto it, it’s already getting old. So herewith I present some fresh, exciting alternatives.

Option 1: You tell all your friends about this great new video on YouTube of John McCain calling Cindy a ho. Then, you link them to a gay porno. You’ve been dickrolled! This may not work on YouTube, since I don’t they allow video footage of dicks (other than Bill O’Reilly). I think there’s some X Tube thing out there, though. OK, yeah, I just checked. There is. No, I did not go in.  Why?

Option 2: You call your co-worker over to your desk to tell them you have something to show them. Ideally, you do this with a concerned, serious look on your face. Then, you sneeze all over their face! You’ve been sickrolled!

Option 3: This works best on a basketball court. Get 10 guys. Know who your team is. Run down the court with the ball, and have a teammate guard the defender. When the defender moves to guard you, pass the ball to your teammate, who is waiting under the basket. You’ve been pick-and-rolled! Note: This works best with Steve Nash. Because everything is better with Steve Nash. And his balls.

Steve Nash and His Balls

See what I mean? Not surprisingly, this is the first result on a Google Images search.

Option 4: Sidle up next to someone, preferrably on a bus or some other place where they’re sitting down. Tell them you have a secret.  When they turn their face to you so you can whisper in their ear, lick their face. You’ve just been lickrolled! This actually happened to me in high school, unfortunately. But it wasn’t called that then. It went by “hazing” or somesuch. Ahh, marching band. 

Option 5: Bic-rolled. Poke someone randomly, and with much vigor, in the eye. Your choice on blue or black ink. But you better get away fast, because things are gonna get messy pretty quick, and you want to be out of there when the cops arrive.  Silly cops have no sense of humor anymore.



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