What is Jezebelism?

Whatever it is, I don’t think Lizz Winstead is too enamored of it.


She goes all over Moe and Tracie for, as far as I can tell, being drunk and stupid. I watched the first clip but not the second, although she posted some of their more choice quotes.

I read Jezebel, and I comment pretty regularly on there. I don’t know if Moe and Tracie were trying to be funny, or if there’s more to the story-there usually is, but I’ll go with what I know right now. I fully expect a shitfest Monday where the girls get defensive and a war breaks out in the comments. Sigh.

The thing is, as much fun as Jezebel can be, I think Winstead has some darn good points. It’s like the girls just don’t care how they come off or the impression they might be giving of their readers, for cripes sake. Several of my “Jezebel friends” who read the site with me have expressed similar feelings of disgust at some of the antics of the girls on the site, notably Tracie. She doesn’t like condoms, freely admits to having herpes, doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal and that she can just go on having unprotected sex. When I first started reading the site, I had a sort of admiration for her for being willing to talk about sex openly and honestly. But then it got old fast. I don’t know if she’s trying to redefine the word “Slut” but if so, she’s doing the redefined word a disservice. Someone should be proud of being a slut if they’re a Safe Slut. Not an Ignorant Slut. I’m all for sleeping with as many consenting adults as possible, as long as you use an effin’ condom. Condoms. They’re great. Why is herpes something to brag about?

After she revealed the whole herpes thing, I stopped reading her posts whenever I could avoid it. Then, when one of the site’s better and more faithful commenters took her to task for things she said in a rape discussion, she banned her. So she’s also a bit trigger-happy and can’t take criticism, apparently.

Moe sometimes doesn’t have coherent posts, and I don’t understand some of the things she says about rape and drinking. I don’t know if she’s trying to be funny and failing miserably or what. I don’t have as many issues with Moe I did with Tracie-at least, not before I saw the HuffPost thing.

I like many posts on the blog, but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore all the other shit going on. I want Jezebel to represent smart funny girls who aren’t afraid of having opinions or being sexual. I do like other posters on Jezebel, like Dodai and Meagan. So it’s not an attack on the total site, since I think some of the other staffers have got to be shaking their head at some of this shit. But this doesn’t look good. It makes me sad. When I first came to the site, I loved it. Now, I don’t know what to make of it half the time.

I’m not sure what I want to happen. For Tracie to be fired? For her to call all her sex partners and admit she may have given them herpes? For her to stop doing pot, filming it and giving out advice? Basically, I don’t feel comfortable with girls who may very well admire her and look up to her, although that’s not the big thing. The big thing is, I don’t care to read about her antics. I don’t care to hear from a major Web site that she and Moe went on a show and did that shit. I hesitate to say “that’s not feminism” because there can be so many equally good definitions. But OK, I don’t think that sort of gleeful immaturity should be called feminism. That’s not a liberated woman. That’s not the kind of women I’d want to be friends with. And, to use a word Tracie is fond of, it’s retarded. Just because you post on a site called Jezebel doesn’t mean you’re a feminist. Some of the crap they pull is about as feminist as Jessica Simpson.


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9 responses to “What is Jezebelism?

  1. This is awesome, Lareign. You reign, Lareign!!!!

  2. myrtlebeachbum

    Right. on. Lala. Preach the motherfucking word of feminism and thoughtful, responsible, intelligent discourse.

  3. BeckySharper

    Right on.

    I’m so sick of Tracie’s “well, I’m a feminist because I say I am, so fuck the haters.” Actually, no. Doesn’t work that way. Never has. You’d think given the massive negative response from the Jez readership that Tracie–and Jezebel–would have gotten the message now.

  4. bowlingfordollars

    Word. Word. Word.

    You nailed many reasons why that site has gone downhill. It needs a total overhaul.

    Tracie sleeping with a bunch of people doesn’t make you a feminist…it makes you an asshole.

  5. picklesinmytuna

    Kudos. Nicely done and well put Lareign.

  6. The Mayor of Bethville

    Ugh. This whole thing makes me feel ill. At some point, Jezebel stopped being about expressing yourself and turned into a fame whore party. I’m over it.

  7. dorothyzbornak

    “Some of the crap they pull is about as feminist as Jessica Simpson.”

    A-fucking-men! It breaks my heart that a site I fell so madly in love with, that echoed the thoughts of myself and other smart, independent women, became a breeding ground for such ignorant tripe. And breaks my heart even more that good writers, women worthy of the label “feminist,” like Dodai and Megan, are getting pulled down with these assholes who play the feminism card whenever it suits them. Sadness all around.

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