Free movie passes to shove up your asses.

So at work today I get two free tickets to a local movie chain. Great, I think. I’ve been wanting to see a movie, and it’d be nice to just have to pay the price of popcorn. Of course, “restrictions apply” to these free passes. So I figure I should look in the paper and/or check out the Web site.

Malco Theatres

And, as of today, all but three effin movies have the tiny little pink star of doom that signifies “No passes.” WTF freakity freak. I bet it’s like that at most of the other Malco theaters too. Through Google, I found one guy up north complaining that he had some passes to use before the end of 2007 when they expired. Every damn movie playing at his theater as of Dec. 28, 2007 was “no passes.”

Movie theaters already think we’re dumb/don’t really care, at least based on the 20 minutes of Sprite commercials followed by 15 minutes of previews (I usually mind the latter a lot less). Plus the $18 for a small tub of popcorn. Very informal research through Google seems to say that most theaters will put “no passes” on movies the first week or two, perhaps because that’s the only time they get any money at all from the studio (though that is iffy and could be wrong). Well, with Malco it seems more like the first three or four weeks. “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” has been out a month and is pass-able, but I don’t want to see it. About the only two movies I have any possible interest in right now are Wanted and Get Smart, and the free thing would have helped a lot with my interest. Apparently not, though.

Jeezy creezy, people. Is it because of summer? Or is it because of the movie chain sucking? Either way, it’s irritating. I will get my free movie(s) someday, damnit. I just have to figure out how. Baby Mama is showing at the discount theatre, but I kind of wanted a first-run movie, ya know? Blurg, as Liz Lemon would say.



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4 responses to “Free movie passes to shove up your asses.

  1. Skinny Bone Jones

    See, now that? That is ASSY.

  2. myrtlebeachbum

    Ah, free movie passes. I nannied for a real estate developer who squeezed free movie passes for life out of a movie chain his co. did a deal with. I think I added another 100k onto my salary that year by using that thing relentlessly. Mind you, this was 1997, and it sounds like things have changed since then, boo hiss.

  3. lalaland13

    Thanks gals. I wouldn’t mind having to wait a week or two, but when three or four weeks or a month goes by? Pfft. I fully expect three or four movies to be unpassable, but nearly all of the darn ones is not so cool. And I checked the schedule for tomorrow and starting then all but one movie is “no passes.” Lord. They don’t want you to get too much out of your free movie, I get that. But this is extreme.

  4. That really does suck… I’d say try using the pass for whichever movie you want, and see if the ticket seller says anything. If they protest, ask to see a manager and file a formal complaint with them. Customer service is SUPPOSED to be their first priority.

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