A day later, movie passes slightly less shovable.

Today things are slightly better in Malco-land although not so great in Clean Shirt Land.

For some reason, even though all but one movie listed for today had a pink star when I checked yesterday, today a few more have been removed from the “no passes.” Now Wanted, Get Smart, Incredible Hulk and Kung Fu Panda are all pass-able. I have some interest in seeing the first two. There’s 12 screens and, since Wanted is on two, that means seven screens are still “no passes,” including Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hellboy 2, Meet Dave, Hancock, Wall-E and that Abigail Breslin Doll Movie. Which isn’t great. But it’s not quite as bad I initially feared. Still debating whether to try Katie’s suggestion. I want to see The Dark Knight when it comes out, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they no-passed it for the whole run, since it’s such a huge movie with huge buzz. Hmm. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how I feel at the time. I could also write an e-mail to them on their Web site, which might be a slightly less confrontational option. Again, I guess I’ll just wait and see. The whole righteous anger thing yesterday was sorta fun, though.

Also, I can’t wait to go home. At lunch I got ketchup all over my shirt. All. Over. At one point I dropped a fry and couldn’t find it. I just found it. Stuck to my shirt. Sigh. It looks like I challenged the Salmonella Tomatoes (which might actually be jalapenos, but anyway) to a fight and lost. But were they
rotten tomatoes?


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