Six (Maybe Quirky) Web Sites

Just like honey when your love comes over me....

Just like honey when your love comes over me....

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The great Nadarine (see blogroll) tagged me and I believe I am supposed to post six quirky things about myself. I may be cheating a bit, but I’m going to do six quirky Web sites, partly because it’s Monday and god I am so tired I can feel it in my bones. I want to watch The Daily Show, then hit the hay. Confession: I have a bit of a crush on the founder of this site, Nate Silver. It’s one of those “nerdy guys” crush, because he’s a total nerd, and knows way too much about math to be trusted, but I care not. I really like his posts and the math he does-it’s all easy to read and even if I don’t understand the exact formulas, I get the gist of it and appreciate the work. Yes, it’s still just July, but he’s impressive in his accuracy, and Newsweek profiled him, noting he predicted (if I remember right) a 1-point win for Hillary in Indiana and a 17-point win for Obama. I believe there’s a link to the article on his FAQs-he’s also an Obama supporter, but makes no secret of that, and I appreciate that.

City Data I am a demographic nerd who loves maps and all that jazz. I have an entire book on the “Best Places to Live” with a ton of demographic information. Perhaps I should have worked for the Census Bureau. So this site is one of the ones I visit the most-I hear a city I’m unfamiliar with, in the state or maybe somewhere else entirely, and off I go. I just like to know where things are. Can’t help it.

Fuel Cost Calculator Want to go on a road trip? Well, first off, don’t do it, gas is high. Just stay home like me and eat honey directly from the cute little plastic bear and talk to your cats. But if you insist, find out how low you’re going to have to bend over. A friend is getting married next summer, several states away. That handy calculator will help me to decide: drive or fly? At the moment, I am thinking drive. Mostly because flying sounds like a nightmare nowadays.

Chinese Gender Chart OK, this probably is more along the lines of quirky. You pick the month your mom conceived and the age she was, and it tells you-allegedly with 90 percent accuracy-what sex she had. Or if you have kiddies, or are knocked up, well, no need to bother with the pesky sonogram. It might have gotten me right (I was conceived in either Sept. or Oct., Mom was 23) but since my brother was conceived at 21, and in the fall? Wrong. Apparently, at 21, you are destined to have a girl 11 out of 12 months. Don’t get this one and the fuel calculator mixed up. You’ll be confused.

Psychology Today: Living Single Single or just wish you were? Well, you aren’t alone. I mean, you kind of are, but there’s nothing wrong with that (or so I tell myself in the mirror every morning).

Quirkyalone I t has “quirky” in the name, so you know it fits. I am one of these. A gay buddy gave me the book of the same name, and while it didn’t “change my life” and inspire me to start a book club, it really was a nice perspective. Some people would rather be alone than be in crappy relationships. Some people just hate their preferred sex. Either works, at least for me.

I hope you’ve found at least one semi-useful site here. Now, what sites do you guys have bookmarked?


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  1. dorothyzbornak

    Gas is insane, but flying is worse. Or, it is for me, at least. The last trip I took found me stranded for an extra day in Des Moines, IA due to plane malfunction (which stopped us seconds before taking off the runway) and then weather and other problems delayed me even further. It’s such a freaking hassle to fly these days. And I get anxious in airports anyway, so I’ll probably need a sedative for my next trip.

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