Why is Danica Patrick racing instead of baking these men a pie?

I don’t visit Deadspin.com all that much. It’s a sports blog, and while I love sports, I tend to go to other sites before I go to that one.

Today, I received a reminder of why. OK, first of all, Danica Patrick and the only other female in that particular IRL contest had words during practice the other day.

See the video and comments on Deadspin.com.

Damn, good video, but I thought it would be footage of her cute little taint being towel whipped

I doubt Jimmy Spencer whined to Kurt Busch, “I just wanna talk to you.”

Further proof that Danica Patrick is a whiny bitch.

Further proof that many readers of Deadspin are hateful jerks, I’d say. Geez. Even if half of them are kidding, I’m not convinced that any of them are funny. I read the big cover story SI did on Danica before the Indy 500, and my mom and I watched part of the Indy 500 when I was home that weekend. My stepdad was cracking jokes about women drivers (in a non-sexist way, because he’s a really nice guy and we all mess with each other) and when the race was about to start and the drivers were weaving in and out before the official start, I cracked, “Oh gosh, look at the women drivers!” My mom nearly died laughing.

I can’t say that Danica Patrick is my personal hero or anything, because I don’t follow IRL all that closely. But the SI story gave me the impression she’s young and talented and has a lot of work to do, of course, but has even more to do because she’s in a man’s world of racing. And the other chick towel-snapping? Not sure what was up with that, but at least Danica walks away. You’re right, guys, men who try and kick each other’s ass after a race are so much better. Because that’s infinitely more mature, right? I’ve heard of her getting pretty mad after races or during practice, but I find it interesting that when she gets upset, she’s being a whiny bitch. When men get upset, that’s just part of the sport, right?

I hope Danica wins the darn IRL championship someday. The men of Deadspin will know it has happened when they wake up one day and their peens are gone, because oh god, a girl won! No!

Also, I don’t think all men in IRL are jerks-from the SI story, it seemed like a lot of Patrick’ teammates are really supportive, and while I’m sure there are some idiots, the guys who race with her seem to be catching on a bit faster than the general populace.

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One response to “Why is Danica Patrick racing instead of baking these men a pie?

  1. myrtlebeachbum

    Thank you for writing about this. Danica is kinda my hero. No one who hasn’t done it can have any idea of what it’s really like to break into a truly male-dominated sport in which men and women (theoretically) compete on the same playing field, but I’m pretty sure it ain’t easy.

    A few months ago someone bumped her and ruined her chance to win a race, and she charged that motherfucker in the garage after it was over. Someone held her back, but I wish they wouldn’t have. It would’ve stirred more interest in auto racing (a good thing, in my book), and it would’ve demonstrated that she’s just like the other drivers.

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