It was a dark and stormy knight.

Overheard at the movies:

“I can’t believe I didn’t know that was a musical!” from a girl, late teens or early 20s, leaving what I presume is Mamma Mia. Or maybe Hancock.

“I would rather be in a circle of 12 guys who were all kicking me in the balls than have to sit down and watch The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2.” -Guy in line behind me while waiting for the movie theater to get cleaned before the next Dark Knight screening.

How was the movie? Well, it was good. Honestly, sometimes it was hard to follow. But I liked the ending a lot. Christian Bale broods well. Although his Batman voice is much deeper and weirder than the Bruce Wayne voice. I haven’t seen Batman Begins, but I’m picturing a scene where he stands in front of his mirror and tries on different “Batman” voices before deciding the most threatening is the “Congested man who is gargling Listerine” voice.

But the acting was good, although Maggie Gyllenhaal didn’t have a heckuva lot to do except (spoiler). And Heath Ledger? Very good. You can tell he was having a blast playing that part, which is why I don’t buy the rumors that playing the deranged Joker drove him to the sleeping pill addiction that would up killing him. Also, in an EW article Bale and others were like, “He was having a blast. He wasn’t tortured.”

Now, the Oscar talk. Not sure where I fall on that-I’d say give him a nomination, but don’t give him the award. He clearly enjoyed the role, and it’s a lively, fun performance. He has the funniest moments in the film-yes, they are morbid-funny, but still funny, and much-needed comic relief in a uh, dark movie. But I’d get the feelinig that if he won it, it would be because it was a great performance and he died after filming it. As good as he was, he wasn’t at the height of his powers as an actor. Had he made it to his 30s instead of dying at 28, I believe he would have almost certainly won an Oscar. Honor his ability with a nomination, maybe, but also acknowledge he still had so much more ahead of him.

I saw it at a matinee Saturday, and it was probably about three-fourths full. i’m sure the later showings sold out. Also, I paid full price (obviously they weren’t going to let me use free passes the first weekend out) and got it online. It was pretty nice-I had to pay a $1 “convenience fee” or whatever they call it, but $7 for a matinee is still pretty good. And I was eating popcorn and, like Liz Lemon, half-afraid I was going to choke to death on it. And no one would save me, because it was Batman, damnit! They’d just wait for me to pass out dead and mutter, “Glad she shut up. How rude.”



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3 responses to “It was a dark and stormy knight.

  1. dorothyzbornak

    You know, I got the same impression watching it, that Heath was having so much fun playing that role. I mean, how could he not? It was a great role with pretty much all of the best lines in the movie. And the little scene when he stands in the middle of the street, wearing a nurse’s dress, pressing the button of the detonator that just blew up the hospital? Brilliantly (i.e., subtly and not over-the-top)funny. You know he enjoyed that.
    It’s such a shame we won’t see all the other great things he could’ve done. Such a tragedy on so many levels.

  2. Zbornak, that was one of my favorite scenes. I also loved how in the scene before that he had a campaign sticker on for a certain someone. It was great. Just the way he walked sometimes was enough to crack me up. I’m glad this performance will live on, because it’s so darn alive. But like you, I hate that he’s not.

  3. cate3710

    I just saw the movie last night, and I thought it rocked. Sadly, in Batman Begins there is not a scene where he tries out different voices – that would be hilarious. I do kind of appreciate that he does use a different voice – it’s nice to acknowledge that Bruce Wayne is well-known enough that if he talked normally someone would catch on.

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