Team Medal Hopes Tumble

This is not a Brett Favre blog. That’s the good news.

The bad news is the American men almost definitely aren’t going to get squat in the men’s gymnastics competition. You could call them vegetarians, because they got no Hamm (sorry, sorry, and I know it’s not pronounced like the meat, but I couldn’t resist).

Morgan Hamm, twin brother of Paul, has dropped out of the Games with bone spurs in his left leg. Ouch for him-in the story, he’s clearly torn up about it-and ouch for the team, which is going to have to insert yet another alternate in after calling up Raj Bhavsar (an alternate in 2004) to replace Paul. This time it’s going to be Sasha Artemev, who is apparently good but wildly inconsistent on pommel horse, the weakest event for the Americans. And now none of the guys have any Olympic experience.

I wanted Paul to get the all-around gold and remove any doubt about the 2004 gold medal he won. And I wanted the American guys to get at least some medal. Their odds were never that great, I guess, but I thought even after Paul went out they could rally and still have a shot. Now, I’m not even 100 percent sure they’ll qualify for the team finals. So I really hope the American girls get the gold and either Shawn Johnson or Nastia Liukin takes gold in all-around.

This is another bit of depressing news for the Olympics. While the sporting events may go off without a hitch, all the crap China is pulling is ridiculous and I wish we could take the games away from them. But of course, it’s too late. And USOC, stop being pussies and telling your cyclists to apologize for wearing masks when they got off the plane in Beijing. You gave them to ’em, dears. And nice job revoking Joey Cheek’s visa Chinese government. I shouldn’t pin blame on the entire country, since it’s mostly the work of the asshole Chinese government, and apparently the Americans are being really really nice for fear they’ll get punished for their insolence in the judging. Note to America: You can’t win. This is China. Their government is going to be ridiculous and stupid no matter what you do.

And I just read that a female American gymnast hurt her ankle yet is expected to compete. I hope she does, because at least one of the teams needs to have something go as expected.


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