In Case of Tie, Your Head Will Explode

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Getty Images

So Nastia Liukin and Underage Chinese Girl score the same on the uneven bars. After three tiebreakers, He Kexin is declared the winner and Liukin and gets gold.

Doesn’t make a heckuva lot of sense to me either. And I also don’t quite understand why poor Alicia Sacramone got nothing while another Chinese girl who landed on her knees during a vault got bronze. Although there’s a tiny amount of logic there, because Sacramone had a lower start value.

Duplicate golds were awarded about 10 or 12 years ago. Now you have weird tiebreakers. Even in swimming, if there’s a tie each person gets the same color medal.

Gymnastics judging has been wildly erratic this Olympics, and about the only thing stopping me from going off is Liukin getting the gold in the all-around and Johnson taking silver. Oh gosh, that was awesome. I cried. And I can only blame part of that on PMS. Liukin is better. So there. Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

I was thinking of not even watching tonight, but who am I kidding? I’ll just have to mute it whenever Underage Chinese Girl is on. Yes, I am that petty. Why there hasn’t been a serious investigation yet, I don’t know. It’s perfectly natural for 16-year-old girls to weigh 70 pounds, right? And all those other records showing they’re underage-well, just mistakes, right?

They should have at least had to fight for it. I’d take Liukin any day. Don’t mess with Texas. Or Moscow.

And Liukin was right when she said Kexin is still a good gymnast. But she’s also an underage one.

Tomorrow is the beam. I want Shawn Johnson to finally get her gold, and Liukin to take silver. Or if Liukin got gold, I wouldn’t mind, but Johnson needs one from the games. So far she has three silvers. And tomorrow is the last night of artistic gymnastics. How will I survive?


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2 responses to “In Case of Tie, Your Head Will Explode

  1. My anger over the underage Chinese gymnasts continues to grow. Is everyone that afraid of China? Because you know if the US tried to pull that kind of shit, we’d be investigated so fast it’d make our tiny little 6-year-old heads spin.

  2. lalaland13

    Yup, Dotty, we probably would be. Sigh. I’m so sick of China. I can’t really fault the girls for being forced into the country, but I am tired of the government. Not sure how much more I’ll watch now that gymnastics is over. I’ll probably have it on but will feel free to play Sims 2.

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