Cheesecake or Death

So the trip to the Big City was not so good. At least our main objective did not pan out at all the way it was supposed (the going to of the football game). But we ate at The Cheesecake Factory and while I may just be easily impressed, this particular location was really darn good.

Yes, the portions, even lunch-sized like I got, were too big. But the bread they had, notably this whole wheat oat stuff, was heavenly. And I saved room for some cheesecake, even though I almost never eat sweet stuff at sit-down restaurants. But this was Cheesecake Factory, so it felt wrong not to eat some of the namesake menu item.

My dad loves cheesecake, and we ended up taking a whole one home. Well, we stopped to see some relatives, gave half of it to them, then my dad and I split the rest. I ended up with three slices, and I have one left. I think I may partake in it after work as I try to fix my computer’s very bad problem. They had two big dollops of whipped cream on the plate at the restaurant, so I may have to break out the Cool Whip tonight.

Yum. Just yum. Above is my poison of choice, the Chocolate Tuxedo Cream. I think pictures of cheesecake are much nicer than “Here we are, outside, still not watching the game.”

I really think the Golden Girls were onto something.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake was also a strong contender.

Banana cream, anyone?

How bout Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake? You can probably eat it faster than you can say it.

Now, of course, too much cheesecake will go straight to the areas that remind us why God hates women. But screw that. I walked a mile and back, or more, to a stadium and didn’t even get to see the damn game. So I was not feeling guilty at all Saturday.

What desserts do y’all enjoy? The more decadent, the better.



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3 responses to “Cheesecake or Death

  1. Flourless chocolate cake and crème brûlée…mmmm…to die for. Also croissants. And many others. And sadly I’m not one of those, “oh I only need one bite to be satisfied,” and will need a caftan collection when I am 70.

  2. Are you…trying to kill me? Why would you do that to a pregnant woman? We don’t have a Cheesecake Factory within a 100 miles, but I now looking into flights to someplace I could find one.

  3. spicytamale

    mmm cheesecake factory. awesome.

    hey blondgrlz- we have 3 here in Atl. Come visit!

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