Shawn Johnson Too Young to Vote, But Still Cute

AP Photo

I saw this in Sports Illustrated, and it gave me an excuse to bring back that old Olympic feeling (well, sort of) and combine it with politics without going all ranty.

Olympic gold medalist (and Iowan) Shawn Johnson is apparently a Barack fan, bless her heart. Seriously, she’s adorable and kickass and apparently liberal. Even though, as SI notes, the 16-year-old can’t vote until 2012, “Johnson gave Barack Obama her endorsement anyway when she led the Democratic National Convention in the Pledge of Allegiance last Thursday.”

Your move, Liukin. Although Nastia lives in the Dallas area, the same place where the Bushes are allegedly going to settle after Jan. 20, it’d be funny if she was a Barack fan. Would it mean anything? Not especially, but I would kinda enjoy it.

In this picture, I like to imagine that Al Gore is telling Johnson that she has a small, yet fierce, carbon footprint. How would you caption it?

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One response to “Shawn Johnson Too Young to Vote, But Still Cute

  1. “I know Shawn, I never would’ve thought Joe Lieberman would end up being such a prick either.”

    I love Shawn so much. She’s so cute and when I heard she’d be at the DNC, that just sealed it for me.

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