Another Member of Usher’s Party is Coming

From Images

From Images

Not to infringe too much on the greatBubblegum Culture’s territory, but People is reporting that Usher and his wife Tameka Foster are expecting another kid. Their first was born less than a year ago, in November 2007. They were married a few weeks after that.

I’ve never gotten a good vibe from this union-first of all, he’s Usher and I doubt he’s had much practice with monogamy (did he cheat on that girl from TLC, or am I making that up?). Secondly, I believe Tameka and Usher’s mom have clashed before, and if a man’s wife and his mom have such a strained relationship that People writes about it, that’s rarely a good sign. Tameka, if a man is asked to choose between his wife and his mom, 9 times out of 10 mom wins. Sorry.

So that’s pretty quick to have another baby, although yeah, no one asked me. It’s not as bad as the Britney having one kid in September and then another kid the next September which makes me hurt thinking of that. My mom had me and my brother two years and two weeks apart, which seems like the minimum recovery time I’d want. Anyway, speaking of which, I’m getting a K-Fed and Britney vibe-fast marriage, fast baby-having, fast divorce. Let’s hope there’s no shaved heads or trips to rehab involved with this one, though.

Now, the important question. Usher’s son is Usher V, what happens if this time it’s a girl? What member of the wedding party will she be named after? Bridesmaid seems the most logical, but I’m pulling for Maid of Honor. MOH for short.

Ike, by the way, is probably gonna hit between Corpus Christi and Houston. May disrupt the Texas-Arkansas game in Austin, which I’ve been looking forward to, even though Texas is the heavy favorite.


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