Even Unicorns Get the Blues

I am having a no-good, horrible, bad day. I have been close to tears more than once today.

So, to cheer myself up, I am going to order this shirt from Shirt.Woot:

Because even unicorns get sad sometimes. Especially chubby ones who take comfort the only way they know how.

Poor girl. And no, don’t even think it: This is not one of those terrible rapist unicorns. This is one of the good ones. Don’t you just want to give her a hug? She’s much easier to like than those prissy little thin unicorn trollops that are always galloping about and shaking their mane.

And the whole Shirt.woot site is good, honestly. I need more T-shirts (really, I do) but I have trouble finding ones I like. There are several appealing ones there, plus, they have user-submitted shirts that compete in a derby each week, where the top three get their shirts printed, $1,000 in prize money and eternal fame and glory, plus revenue from shirts sold.


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One response to “Even Unicorns Get the Blues

  1. spicytamale

    I love it!

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