Naked Short-Selling: No, Not That Kind

I saw this headline on Yahoo and clicked right away, confused:

SEC Adopts Rule Against Naked Short-Selling

If you’re like me, a football fan, you may have pictured something like this (possibly disturbing image follows):


That’s an Arkansas fan right there. Perhaps an intoxicated one, but uh, clearly a fan all the same. Don’t know if he was selling shorts or not. But no, instead the story was something about the economy, and the Securities and Exchange Commission rather than the Southeastern Conference.

Football is more fun than the economy. And easier to understand as well. Naked short-selling? If it’s banned, it must be because the opposing team is complaining about the naked people in the stands, selling shorts. It distracts the players, and makes them question their sexuality, so the coaches demand a stop to it, dangit.

But yes, the economy sucks, and I don’t know what to do, since I’m in a line of work that’s had a crappy economic outlook for some time now. But at least I have football. Go Hogs, axe ’em Jacks, and stuff. And go Cowboys.

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One response to “Naked Short-Selling: No, Not That Kind

  1. “But at least I have football.”
    Amen, sister!

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