Football Night in America Ferrera



Piven is called for roughing the gestator.

Last night was a big-ole football game, the Cowboys vs. the Packers. I couldn’t miss my team (I know, they’re often insufferable, but I can’t help being a fan; I was born that way). But I figured 30 Rock should do pretty well at the Emmys, and hey, they’re the Emmys. So began a night of wearing out the buttons on my remote from the flipping back and forth. Romo throws an interception? To the Emmys?! Emmys aren’t funny? To the game! I’d say pound for pound, the game was more entertaining, because the five host thing didn’t seem to work well, and well, it’s football. But if Tina Fey ran around in a jersey and threw passes to Amy Poehler, I might have a different opinion.

Bubblegum Culture has a nice photo compilation, and is very nice in general. Here are some of my Emmy thoughts and football thoughts, or at least what I think I saw happen at both events.

1) Tony Romo has to take better care of the football. It’s no wonder he lost to Jean Smart.

2) Felix Jones is a very explosive runner, especially when he busted a seam and took Ricky Gervais’ Emmy to the end zone.

3) Jeremy Piven won his third straight Emmy, a shocking reign of dominance that may never be broken. But then he tripped, fell and tore his ACL going down the stage stairs, meaning he’s out for the rest of the season, forcing Entourage to rely on the untested Adrian Grenier.

4) Dianne Wiest wins an Emmy for her work on “In Treatment,” a series where she tries to treat Tony Romo for his baffling addiction to moronic, talentless blondes with creepy dads.

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