Anne Doesn’t Need A Man

Or not that particularly sleazy man, at least. In recent months, I wondered why such a seemingly-smart girl like Anne Hathaway would date such an obvious dirtbag like Raffaello Follieri. Then, in June, she breaks up with him right before he gets arrested. Whatever made her see the light, I’m convinced she didn’t see it until shortly before the break-up, except maybe in the deepest recesses of her mind, where we put things we don’t want to deal with. We’ve all done it, but most of us haven’t had to deal with being hounded by the paparazzi about it. Denial is a powerful thing, and hell, he was a con man. I like to think I’d get suspicious, but heck, I get suspicious of all men, which isn’t any better, really.

But based on the EW story, she’s doing OK. I love how she slides the crossword across the table to see if the reporter has any ideas, and I love when the reporter compares her to an English major you’d know in college. I love English majors (probably because I basically was one, even though my degree says otherwise), and I love how smart and interested in the world Anne seems.

She’s cute and sweet-seeming, and while I know some of that image is probably publicist-generated, I don’t care. She’s getting raves for her new movie, and there’s talk of an Oscar nod. Wouldn’t surprise me, because Oscar loves a good story: Girl wronged by Man. Man Goes to Jail/Rehab/Cast of VH1 Reality Show. Girl Goes On to Even Greater Success, Proving She Doesn’t Need Said Man. This is often followed by Girl Gains Five Pounds and Must be Pregnant, but hey, I’ll take it for now. And Anne, we can have coffee in the common area anytime. We’ll make plans at the poetry reading, mmkay?


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  1. I’m really glad to see she’s doing well. I’ve liked her since “Brokeback Mountain,” which I think she was really great in.

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