I Bet You’re Gay, Aren’t You?

Spamalot alum Clay Aiken’s answer is no longer, “No I’m not!” The upcoming cover of People’s been leaked, and he’s coming out, he wants the world to know.

I actually watched American Idol briefly, and one season happened to be the Clay season. I had no idea at the time. Honestly. But I also had a crush on Lance Bass as a teenager, and well, we know how that turned out.

I thought it was interesting that he believed in waiting till marriage. Well, now we know why, I guess. Then, there was that interview where he said something along the lines of “I’ve shut myself off sexually.” And he got angry at Diane Sawyer for asking about his orientation, calling her “rude.” I’m not sure when I figured out that yeah, he was gay, but it was a while ago, and I’m glad he’s come to terms with it.

Seriously, this guy really seemed to loathe himself, and I felt sorry for him, while at the same wishing he would just admit it. I guess even when everyone knows, it’s never easy, so kudos to him, and I hope he’s happy, and his son is kind of cute, if a tad wrinkly. But most babies are. I wonder if Clay really did decide he couldn’t live a lie when he became a father. Whatever the case, good for him, and honestly, this is sort of getting to me a teeny bit, because you can’t be happy if you’re lying about something as fundamental as this. Spoken like a true fag hag, I know.

On a lighter note, back in the day, when he had that horrible “Invisible” song out, I changed the lyrics: “If I was in invisible, I’d sodomize you with a broom.” But I do that with lots of songs, regardless of the singer’s purported sexuality.

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  1. I’m sooo glad he finally came out. At my old job, one of the older ladies there loved him so (not in the creepy sexual way that many of his fans do, but in a nice, motherly way) and we used to tease her, telling her he was gay. She just wouldn’t believe it. I guess she does now.

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