Cats on Tuesday


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Even if the spellings and the LOL-Catz talk get on my nerves after a bit, the cats never do. So here ya go. I’d like to go home and cuddle with my cats now, thank you. I am having anger issues today, so I need some cuteness, damnit. It’s nothing out of the ordinary; just the same old crap as always. And Crap doesn’t care if you have PMS, because it’s Crap and therefore doesn’t give a crap.

more animals

I feel much like the above kitty, except he’s probably more comfy.

more animals
This cat is obviously still a princess, though. I know my girl never has any doubt about her royal status.

Also, there’s a Cheeseburger book out today, if you’re the type who likes to read books instead of The Interwebz.

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  1. I may be lame, but LOLCats just never get old to me. Maybe I’m just blinded by the cuteness.

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