Ignorance is Piss.

I am tired of this election.

I am tired of the fact that I can’t seem to stop visiting sites like Pollster and Fivethirtyeight. Tired of the letters to the editor saying Christians should not vote for Obama because “he also says there is more than one way to heaven. Yes, he really does say that! What does God say? There is only one way, through his son, Jesus Christ! Think about it!”

I am thinking about it. I’m thinking that I feel sorry for you and others who believe in such a narrow-minded theology. And also, can I get God’s number? I need to quote him for something.

Another letter today had a very similar perspective. There were about 10 letters today that were condemning Obama for one reason or another, and a couple that were calling out people for being so hateful.

“I must vote for Obama so my grandchildren can, once and for all, receive that fair and balanced radical programming in their classrooms!” declares one anti-Dem letter. “A course in ‘How to bomb the local police station, beat the rap and live to brag about it’ must be a required credit for graduation.”

Another person says Obama has “a total of 143 days of U.S. Senate service.” This person either cannot count or cannot read, because Obama has been a senator since January of 2005.

I’m tired of the ignorance. I will still be tired of it come Nov. 5, but maybe then some of the furor will die down, and while there will still be ignorant people who insist Obama eats Christian babies, at least they won’t have such a platform to rant and rave about it.

So vote. Vote Obama. Vote McCain. Vote Nader. Vote Steve Nash. But please, base your vote on something that falls nearer to the reason end of the spectrum rather than the fear one.

And I will try to stop being surprised about the depth of this ignorance and fear. Really, you think I would have learned by now.

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