Rick Warren, Understanding and Tolerant? How ‘Bout No?

Rick Warren has a reputation as someone on the newer, softer side of evangelism. This was allegedly evidenced by inviting McCain and Obama both to Saddleback Church (which is totally a great name for a traditional, family-focused, heterosexual church, right?).

But he’s come out in support of the shitfest known as Proposition 8. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but this guy on HuffPost apparently is. He makes some good points, but I’m not sure he’s right that Warren “knows better.” See, Warren probably thinks God’s word should rule. Not the silly old rule of man.

To quote MyrtleBeachBum, die in a fire. I read on fivethirtyeight.com that the latest Field Poll, which has an alleged accuracy rate of 94 percent in ballot proposals like this, shows No up 49 to 44 percent. That’s still a little too close, but oh I hope it’s right. It can be narrow, but damnit, California needs to defeat this bigoted bullshit. I can’t imagine waking up one day and being told I can’t marry because the Mormons and Rick Warren have declared me immoral. You don’t get to decide that, bucky. So back off.

I’m starting to worry about this proposition more than the presidential election, although I hope saying that doesn’t jinx things. For the people who are tolerant in California, I admire you. For those who aren’t? Better go hide in your heterosexual God-loving compound. And if someone in the church really told this gay Mormon to marry a girl anyway and God would do the rest, then you’re even sadder than I thought.

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