Things to Do Now That Obama Won


-Order this sticker, although you might want to hurry, since almost one million have been ordered as of this writing. You can also get reprints of the Nov. 5 papers, although some will cost you. Compared to that, USA Today is kind of a bargain.

-Buy The Nine, which I can do without fear of jinxing an Obama win. And without crying and gnashing my teeth at the idea of the court getting even more right-leaning. I also have both of Obama’s books, at least one of which I hope to read before Jan. 20.

-Hell, I may get really brave and rent Recount, which has been on my Netflix queue for a while. But I’ve been afraid to watch it, for fear of another heartbreaking loss.

-Snicker at all the McCain/Palin signs up. If you don’t live near any of these signs, congratulations, you liberal heathen.

-Smile whenever someone goes on a rant about the evilness of Obama. Some of these rants will be more hateful than others. Some may get you angry. Anger is OK, but remember they’re angry because they are scared to death, and if they really believe all that crap about him, too bad for them, because that man is about to be their president.

What can you do now that the election is over and Obama is president-elect?



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2 responses to “Things to Do Now That Obama Won

  1. blondegrlz

    I watched “Recount” on HBO a couple weekends ago. It was incredibly interesting and educational, although both sides end up looking kind of like jerks. But you’re right, now that the election is over it would be mch less depressing.

    And now that Obama is Prez, I can bring a child into the world. I was gonna squeeze my legs together really hard for the next 4 years if it was McCain.

  2. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I’ve been so nervous and anxious this past year, unsure of how it would all turn out.

    Also, kind of related to blondgrlz’ comment:
    One of my best friends had her first child in Aug. He’s biracial (she’s white, her hubby’s black) and she was telling me how extra happy she is that he won because now her son will grow up in a country that elected someone just like him. Kinda neat.

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