2008: Were you not entertained?


So EW just came out with its annual Entertainers of the Year list. Some of the 25 are good, inspired choices. Others are not. I’m going to make some comments on the good/bad ones, while ignoring the ones I have no strong opinions about. And to reign in my blathering a bit, I am permitting myself 15 words or less for each selection.

Choices I Like
1. Robert Downey Jr. – Nice comeback, talented, kinda hot, must Netflix Iron Man.
2. Tina Fey: Funny, genuine, better Palin than the real thing.
10. The Talking Heads: Especially Colbert, Stewart and Maddow. Why no Russert love?
13. James Franco: Pretty and gay (at least in a movie). No wonder I love him.
15. Coldplay: Viva La Vida no masterpiece, but still solid as Barack, whom they love.
16. Elizabeth Banks: Adorable and good choice, despite “Porno” bust.
19. Jon Hamm: Please marry me. Or just compromise me. Must watch more Mad Men.
23. Michael Phelps: Entertaining, but sadly, not on SNL.
25. Neil Patrick Harris: Funny, smart. I’d drink with him, and I don’t drink.

Choices I Don’t
5. Stephenie Meyer: I got enough angst and sexual repression in high school, thanks.
8. The women of Sex and the City: Talented ladies, but annoying, overhyped movie.
9. The Jonas Brothers: Not really “saving it,” but really annoying.
18. Kid Rock: Rock and Roll Jesus makes baby Jesus cry.
21. Katy Perry: Had a career and she liked it, but no staying power whatsoever.

What do you like and dislike about this year’s list? And who did they leave out?



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3 responses to “2008: Were you not entertained?

  1. Going to have to disagree with you on the Stephenie Meyer front, but the rest I’m on board with. Even if you don’t like her personally, until you’ve read the books, it looks trite, but it’s handled well. Besides, who can deny that she’s entertained the hell out of an entire generation of readers? It’s a book my sixth-graders AND the school librarian talk about.

  2. Definitely Netflix “Iron Man.” I’m not even into that kind of stuff, but it was awesome. And Robert Downey, Jr. is the hotness, as usual.

  3. AGreenEyeDevil

    I just want to be Isolde to Franco’s Tristan…sighs deeply. Why did he have to make that silly drug movie…BOOO HISSSS.

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