Pressly Homicide Suspect Caught

I don’t always watch it, but tonight I turned to the 10 o’clock news and found a Little Rock police conference announcing a suspect had been identified in the Anne Pressly slaying. Then, I go online at midnight and find out he’s been caught:

Ark. police arrest man in death of TV anchor.

Still so many questions: If he was from the eastern part of the state, what could have brought him to Little Rock to commit the killing he’s being charged with? Was this random or planned out, especially since there were no signs of a break-in at her home?

This will all have to be sorted out, and he’ll get to go before a jury that will decide if he’s guilty or not. Still, I’m relieved there’s something happening in this case. I honestly thought that, since this happened over a month ago, they were never going to find anyone.

And I can’t imagine how emotional her friends and family are right now. Thanksgiving was going to be hard no matter what, but to have the man accused of murdering her arrested the night before must just make things even more emotional. I hope they have some small sense of relief from this. It might be fair to say that this case wouldn’t get as much attention if it weren’t an attractive young TV personality that was slain. But it’s not fair to say this wasn’t a horrific way to die, and a horrific way for the friends and family to lose a loved one.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and I hope it’s one with happiness rather than sorrow. I’m heading over later today to see family, bringing pie with me. And blog-speaking, I have some more light-hearted stuff in the works, including some fake news involving holiday shopping.

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  1. I’m so glad they have a suspect, but like you, I’m anxious to hear the whys and hows this happened.

    It’s truly sad though and I really feel for her loved ones.

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