Why buy the cow when you can get the meat for free?

Dont touch it unless you want to put a (onion) ring on it.

Don't touch it unless you want to put a (onion) ring on it.

Has anyone else seen those Whopper Virgins ads? They have to be some of the stupidest fast food ads I’ve seen in awhile.

The premise seems to be that if you got goat herders from Transylvania or some place like that, and had them compare a Big Mac to a Whopper, that’s the “purest taste test” possible. Um, what?

OK, does anyone give a flying Fig Newton if people from Transylvania like Big Macs or Whoppers? No, didn’t think so. Same way French people don’t really care if we like escargot (or any other local cuisine). We know if we like it. It doesn’t really matter if someone else doesn’t, whether that someone is our boyfriend or a goose plucker from Poland. I don’t see how this is supposed to get more people to eat the product. Especially when you call them “Whopper Virgins” and make it seem like they’re having sex with hamburgers.

In conclusion, this is a major fail. It goes to supposed extreme measures to conduct some sort of extreme taste test crap when no one really cares about it. I can’t think of anyone who is going to drive to their local BK because some goat herders who are “pure” like it better than a Big Mac.

Besides, this is really offensive to people who are waiting till marriage to eat fast food. Burger King is obviously run by whores. Jordin Sparks is on her way now to protest.

If I were McDonalds, I’d do a counter-ad saying that while these are supposed to be Whopper virgins, studies show that Whoppers are actually more likely to give you gonorrhea than Big Macs. Doesn’t make sense, you say? Neither does the original ad. What with this and the pointlessly insulting Whopper Freakout ads, someone needs to get fired.



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2 responses to “Why buy the cow when you can get the meat for free?

  1. bebehblog

    Burger King seriously has the worst ad agency in the world. That scary dude in the king suit? The men yelling about meat? The horrible ‘shroom and swiss minstrel singers? I am obviously not their target audience – although considering my cheeseburger cravings I should be.

    I also find the idea that these untouched indigenous peoples are somehow better off now that Burger King has brought them burgers really really insulting.

  2. Oh, those Whopper Freakout ads drive me insane. They need an advertising overhaul to learn about their demographic.

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