Reality Fails

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Ryan Seacrest tried to poison this kitty's drink. from

Supposedly American Idol could be revamped this upcoming season. The way they phrase it is weird, but it looks like there might be fewer preliminary audition weeks, and in those, fewer terrible awful singers who are placed there only to have everyone laugh and point.

I don’t watch the show, and I doubt I will ever again (I tuned out after about the third season). Because even then, it’s still not going to be a talent show. It’s going to be a “reality” show. Which are about as real as my chances of marrying Steve Nash.

Idol lives to belittle and make fun of contestants. They also live to force these would-be singers to sign away their souls and sing the shittiest songs possible. Oh, lots of “s” sounds there.

And this has all apparently rubbed off on Ryan Seacrest, who is producing a show called Mama’s Boys that I refuse to link to because I’m already being bombarded with ads for it. Look at how much fun it is when a dumb-as-dirt mom attacks/belittles/undermines the girls her son wants to date! Oh hey, that’s never happened before in real life, has it? How novel and new!

Reality TV producers must think we’re idiots. And maybe we are, based on the first comment on the AI story on People’s Web site.

Really? I personally ONLY like to watch the bad and funny singers… so if they do this I guess I’ll stop watching.

This is by “Lauren” and, scarily enough, a lot of people agree with her. If they aren’t sick of seeing that stuff by this point, I’m not sure what to tell them.

As long as people keep buying it, stupid and insulting will continue to exist. I hear Fox is creating a new show where women pick from a pool of men, some of whom are convicted sex offenders, others who aren’t. It’s going to be called “Who Deserves To Get Raped?” Real classy, I hear.

What so-called “reality” shows are annoying you at the moment? There are a few good ones-the baby ones on TLC and Discovery Health always get me-and Project Runway was good for a while, too. Feel free to mention those as well.


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2 responses to “Reality Fails

  1. American Idol has ruined popular music. I loathe every single thing about and associated with that show (except Kelly Clarkson).

    I also despise “The Bad Girls Club” (which I’ve never watched, but the commercials and clips on “The Soup” tell me everything I need to know), any of the “Shot at Love” shows and pretty much everything on MTV (except “True Life” and “The Hills”—I know, “The Hills” is lame, but I can’t help myself).

    Good reality? I love “Ghost Hunters,” “Storm Chasers,” “Intervention,” “True Life,” “Ruby,” “Split Ends” and “The First 48.”

  2. AGreenEyeDevil

    Aside from Ghost Hunters and Designed to Sell, I have no use for reality television. I think it perpetuates the dumbing down of America.

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