Nothing Says Christmas Like Men in Tights

Were men, were men in tights (tight tights!)

We're men, we're men in tights (tight tights!)

I am back home after a 48-hour visit to the homeland that included a trip to see family for the annual Lalaland Family Shingding. I did not make it last year, as I did not leave home soon enough, but this time I got to my mom’s, and a few minutes later we left for her family’s place.

And honestly, it was pretty great. I think I enjoyed it more than I ever have. My grandfather is getting older and kind of frail, and he was really glad tos ee me for the first time in two years. He laughed his butt off after I told him No one out there’s good enough” when he queried about my relationship status. He laughed at my jokes, and teared up a couple times. And we got a picture of three generations: me, my mom and him.

My mom claims I was the “life of the party” for my smartass remarks, but I think she’s a bit biased. But I was really glad I went. Honestly, my political beliefs were probably different than anyone else in the house. I was probably the least religious person in the house by the river on Christmas Eve. But everyone was nice as could be. One relative said I was doing good at keeping off the 30 pounds I lost about three years ago (I was also, it should be noted, wearing a black shirt and loose pants, so that probably helped).

And a few days earlier, I sent a package to Florida for my brother. Included was a DVD of the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights. For whatever reason, my brother and I watched it shortly after it came out and loved it. Even though it’s kind of silly and goofy and not always funny. But he e-mailed me after he got it, typing the “Men in Tights” song. And when Mom and I called him yesterday, my brother and I sang a bit of it together.

And my mom loved what I got her (a Shiatsu heated neck massager) and I loved what she got me (clothes and a dinette set, among other things). And oh, someone else got me the DVD of Mad Men. I am so going to enjoy Jon Hamm.

How did your holidays go? Do you have generally good family, or do you wish some of them would get ran over by a reindeer?



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5 responses to “Nothing Says Christmas Like Men in Tights

  1. I apologize in advance. I have no where else to complain about these things, since my extended family reads my blog and my Facebook so you get it here. The holidays with my family means watching that true Christmas classic, Die Hard; a trip to the NRA gun range; and a Sunday school class that includes thanking God in prayer for Rick Warren. THIS WAS THE GOOD PART OF VACATION.

    Christmas with HIS side of the family includes 18 hours a day of Bridge, Trivial Pursuit and whatever other games someone found this year, usually involving the Bible in some way. No one believes in just watching tv for an hour, we must play ALLTOGETHERALLTHETIME. His sister has a husband and two children now, so she’s excused from the family stuff right up until Christmas morning, where we all sat around staring at our wrapped presents and waited for her kids to open their presents under their OWN tree at their OWN house more than an hour away. We didn’t start Christmas until after NOON. Both of her kids slept through it – she opened their presents for them. My father-in-law spent the whole week making pissy little comments about how I wouldn’t let E play World of Warcraft with him, even though the one thing I asked for for Christmas was two days without the computer. Actually, what I asked for was baby stuff, and what I got was useless crap – like a snowflake serving set – I have no use or place for. Why even ASK what I want if you’re just going to buy whatever you find on sale at TJMaxx anyways? I would rather have only one truly useful present to open instead of twelve boxes of %$&@. Oh and church included TWO mentions of how blessed we are to have Rick Warren as the inaugural speaker.

    I am so glad Christmas is over. And I actually love Christmas. Dammit.

  2. @blondegrlz: Bless your heart, that sounds awful!

    My Christmas was lovely. The best two parts for me were seeing my sister get tears in her eyes over the gift I gave her. A touching memento? Nope, Britney Spears tickets. She’s one of those weird people who still fanatically loves Brit.
    The other best was seeing my BF’s cousin absolutely gleeful over her present from Santa–an overhead projector. Yes, just like the ones we used in school. She was more excited about that than the Wii they also got.

  3. @Blondegrlz: I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were related to the Palin family. Tell me, when is that Bristol kid gonna give birth already?

    I’ve had a few awkward moments as well, many involving religion. It kind of sucks and you just have to sit there and try to act unfazed by it all, neither overtly supportive nor disapproving. Or maybe that’s just me.

    @Dotty: Aww, that’s sweet about your sister! Hope Brit doesn’t cancel-she seems a bit spent mentally, like all this comeback stuff is starting to wear on her.

  4. bebehblog

    @Dotty – That is the best Christmas present ever. Britney is coming to my town two days before the baby is due. I’m tempted to buy tickets on the hope I go into labor at the concert.

  5. AGreenEyeDevil

    My holiday was low key, other than loosing my house keys in the fridge for most of the day as I frantically dealt with a cheesecake and tried to get my new Jenn-Aire stove to FUCKING COOPERATE to boil the 20 pounds of yukon golds for my assigned family dish of mashed potatos to feed to the hordes and masses.

    ChilePepper did not receive her jumbo stocking of toys until after 9 that evening, which was about the time my elderly mother found my keys in the fridge.

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