Golden Globes Love Kate and Tina. As do I.



You know the Oscars are nigh when the Golden Globes happen. After a year-long absence due to the writers’ strike, they were back. I didn’t tune in until halfway through, right around the time 30 Rock won for best comedy TV show. Here are some of my favorite moments from that half:

-The aforementioned 30 Rock win. Tracy Jordan Morgan announced that since Obama was president, he was going to talk. And he was funny. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the real Tracy begins and his semi-fictional alter ego ends, but as long as he’s funny, carry on, Trace.

– Tina Fey was hawt. She had the cleavage going (insert joke about “golden globes” here). And her speech for best actress was funny, an I liked the sweet shout-out to her husband at the end.

-Mickey Rourke winning. I may have to see The Wrestler, if it comes here. It looks like it will make me cry, but I may have to go anyway. And while he seems like he has the propensity to be quite jerky and unreliable, hence the need for a comeback, I love that he thanked his dogs. I have a soft spot for people who have a soft spot for animals.

-Kate Winslet had double wins! I hate missing her first speech, but her second was lovely. She and Leo DiCaprio seem like such good and sweet buddies, and I love how moved they both were at her win. And the thanks for her husband, director Sam Mendes, was also nice. I just hope they don’t divorce in a few years-because everyone in Hollywood divorces, damnit. And also, someone give her an effin’ Oscar. This year. Not next year, or the year after that. Now. Ohh, now she’s on E! (Yes, I am watching E!). She’s so gorgeous and British. The Office‘s Angela Kinsey, also on E!, said she has a bit of a crush on her. As do I, Angela.

-I haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire yet, and am not sure if I want to. It seems like a film that could be all the rage now but a few years from now is not so much. But if it comes here, we’ll see. First on my list, though, are Revolutionary Road and The Reader, because of Kate. Come on, local cinemas. Get it together and get those movies here.

If anyone else has seen that, or any other movies, how were they? And did you watch the Globes, and if so, what did you think?



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5 responses to “Golden Globes Love Kate and Tina. As do I.

  1. Jeff Awtrey

    How bout that Rourke?!

  2. bebehblog

    I’m sure Kate does a great job in Revolutionary Road, but from what I can gather it’s just two people who live in Connecticut and are unhappy. I just can’t get excited about a movie I can experience by having lunch with my neighbors.

    But I do want to see Slumdog Millionaire, if only to look at the gorgeous actress for an hour and a half.

  3. @bebehblog: Hahaha. I get what you’re saying, but the reviews I’ve read make it seem like unhappiness elevated to art. Which is what most Oscar films are, it seems. A lot of my reason for seeing it is Kate. Plus the idea of “romance based only on romance” is intriguing to me, this idea that sometimes your love for a person is based on the idea you had of them rather than what they actually are. That probably happens all too often, sadly.

    Let me know how Slumdog is. I think of it and get this terrible Bollywood video from YouTube in my head, one where it sounds like the singer is saying “Nipple” over and over.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil

    Awwww, Mickey Rourke thanked his dogs!? I have to cheer on the folks that luv their fur babies, that’s genuine sweetness in my book.

  5. I really want to see “The Wrestler.” Mickey Rourke just looks crazy in it (and in general), and from everything I’ve heard, he’s brilliant.

    Plus, it’s got Marisa Tomei. And I lurve her.

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