Sonic and the Vanishing Cream Pie Shakes and

Warning: the following post may be disturbing to pregnant ladies, especially ones who like ice cream.

After lunch today, I wanted something sweet. So I mosey on down to my neighborhood Sonic and order a chocolate cream pie shake.

“Sorry,” the woman behind the red button says. “We don’t carry those anymore.”

She says she can make me one, but without the crumbs/pie crust. Momentarily rattled, I order a banana fudge sundae instead.

I remember going on a date in high school and eating Sonic cream pie shakes. It seems like they’ve been around forever. I don’t know if this is a company-wide thing or what. Maybe I misheard, and they were just out of supplies at the moment, not forever. Or maybe the recession is hitting the pie-crust fragments business especially hard. Google News offers no clues.

But I also wonder if this new dollar menu stuff is bumping other things off the menu. I tried the $1 candy bar sundae. Well, I was going to, but then I lost it in my car and haven’t found it yet. Seriously, it’s not bad, but I paid about a quarter too much for it.

On the Bummer Scale, this is maybe a 2 or 3. I didn’t eat them that often, although I did have a delicious chocolate cream pie shake last week. Still, I’d rather see that on the menu than “Jr. Deluxe Burger” for $1, and only partly because that’s an annoying oxymoron.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it: Go to Sonic, and try to order a cream pie shake. Then report back here. Or you know, just talk about your favorite Sonic food in the comments. “But I don’t live near a Sonic!” you say. Well then, you should move immediately. Check the above map for some guidance, although they’re expanding and it may not be totally up-to-date.

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3 responses to “Sonic and the Vanishing Cream Pie Shakes

  1. cate3710

    Sonic is one of the places I like to hit when I visit my parents in the Midwest. Dairy Queen is also on the list.

  2. bebehblog

    But I don’t live near a Sonic AND the housing slump means we can’t move for another year or two! So I don’t feel bad for you at all. Just be a normal person and order a cherry limeade.

  3. AGreenEyeDevil

    I would be happy to scope out the menu, except my area has to have the WORST Sonic in the entire chain! Gah, they can’t even serve a decent soda, so I can only imagine what they would manage to do to F^&*-up a milkshake.

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