Zach Braff: Schlub, Scrub or Some Other Word Beginning with S?

Guy Love. Image via

Guy Love. Image via

Here I sit, watching David Letterman and eating Ben and Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns. And I have a confession to make, one that isn’t too bad, but leaves me feeling a bit guilty: I have a bit of a crush on Zach Braff. Yes. Even now.

I know he’s gotten a lot of flack and has a bit of a reputation as a casanova with a propensity for annoyingly quirky and self-aware movie(s). I suspect he probably has done a few woman wrong.

But he’s really funny on Scrubs, darn it all. And he was just on Letterman and was cute and talking about flying planes. Apparently he has a pilot’s license-which is cool and a bit sexy, but I hate to fly. But he told some funny stories, and he’s so good on Scrubs, which I have become obsessed with lately after watching it on and off for a while but never realizing how great it could be.

So there it is. He’s even my friend on MySpace, and has been for a while. The crush waned for a while, but now it’s back. Anyone else with me?

This is a more fun topic than the jerk who took my parking spot-wait, did I hear a car start? But I’m not sure if I want to move it so late. Hmm. Decisions.

Two minutes later: OK, I moved my car back into my designated spot. I basically ran out to my car before someone could attack me or mug me or something (since obviously I run so fast that would dissuade them). But the car is back in her spot, so I won and he/she didn’t and they can suck it. And the guy from Oklahoma who took my spot obviously can’t read the sign saying “resident parking only” under the carport. You know, the one with apartment numbers on it.


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  1. I used to have a big crush on him too, but it’s definitely over. I think partly because he reminds me of my former in-office fling, who is a douche.

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