Quick and Dirty Oscar Thoughts

Have to go to the dentist soon, but I just watched the Oscar nominations (I can’t find a full and accurate list of nominees now, but they should be popping up soon). It was fun and a bit surprising.

First off, just one nod for Kate Winslet, in Best Actress. And not Revolutionary Road, but The Reader. I was looking forward to seeing the former more than the latter, and the supposed conventional wisdom was she was a lock for two nods, but while I was scared when she wasn’t in best supporting, I was a bit relieved once I realized the sky wasn’t falling and she was in lead actress. I hope this diminishes the chance of splitting the votes with herself, and that she takes home the gold.

-Heath Ledger got a nod for Dark Knight, but it got shut out of Best Picture and Best Director. Does this mean support for the movie isn’t as high as thought, and that Ledger might not, as everyone assumes, win a posthumous Oscar? While I think he was a fine actor who will be missed, I have mixed feelings about him winning. I can’t go into that here, but it’s not a knock against him.

-I want Mickey Rourke to win over Sean Penn for Best Actor. Yes, part of this is because he thanked his dogs at the Globes, and I am a sap.

-I love Robert Downey Jr. getting a nod for Tropic Thunder. Just seeing him in the previews cracks me up. And he’s kind of hot, although not in that particular role.

-I’m going to have to drive a bit to see most Oscar movies that are still in theaters. Debating going to see The Reader this weekend rather than Revolutionary Road, especially since the former got a surprise Best Picture nod.

OK, I’m in for a long day that starts at the dentist and ends with working late. Wish me, and Kate Winslet, luck. Although she hopefully won’t be hopped up on Novacaine Oscar night.


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2 responses to “Quick and Dirty Oscar Thoughts

  1. I’ll be happy if Heath wins. Dead or alive, he deserves it because he totally rocked as the Joker.

    But you know who I don’t want to win? Meryl Streep. She ALWAYS gets nominated, no matter what. I mean, she got a flipping nod for “The Devil Wears Prada.” I know she’s a good actress, but give me a break!

  2. AGreenEyeDevil

    I was totally blown away by Heath’s delivery of The Joker, I hope his work is acknowledged by the Academy. Must chime in to agree w/DottyZ – I think the nomination of Streep goes more on reputation than actual delivered goods at this point. I also wonder how hard her agents and studios push her work for the award?? I’ve only read a few articles about that dynamic, but it lead me to think it’s not as fair as one would hope.

    As for Mickey, I too am a total animal schmuck and was charmed for life when he very sincerely thanked his little dogs. I hope he wins again and brings the little dogs w/him to the damn award show!!

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