When the lights go out, I freak out.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, but I am a terrible awful wuss when it comes to power outages.

A bit after midnight, they flicker a few times, then complete darkness. I have to remind myself to take deep breaths, even though I have flashlights. Even though I am a big girl and should not freak out about a damn power outage, no matter how much the quiet creeps me out. For some reason, I have to know I can turn on the lights. If I don’t have that knowledge, I basically am a few degrees away from a panic attack-I was near tears.

Then, after an hour, it was back on. More ice is supposed to come this way in a few hours, though. I will do my best to get some work done from some place, even if not the standard office.

Now, I should probably try to sleep and stop thinking. But even with the lights shining brightly, I have trouble shutting my brain off. Ice storm or no.



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2 responses to “When the lights go out, I freak out.

  1. you need to get yourself one of those crazy emergency flashlight lamps that can illuminate a whole room! Stay safe in the ice!

  2. Girl, I hate power outages (um, I might be a little afraid of the dark. Maybe.), especially when they come at the hands of an ice storm. We had a nasty one here about 7 years ago and I was without power for a whole week. I had to go bunk at my niece’s college dorm room because it was too cold to stay at my apartment. Not fun.

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