Local Weather Guy Keeps Breaking in During ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

by lalaland13/ Chief Seattle Grace Correspondent

JACKSON, TENN. – Channel 6 meteorologist Devon Peters broke in once again during Thursday’s all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, even though there was no apparent weather emergency.

“We’ll get you right back to the show in a minute,” Peters said with a barely noticeable eye-roll. “We’re getting a report of lots and lots of sunshine over the east side of town. A Ms. Blanche Jacobson wanted to know if there was a sunspot or something, or possibly the return of Jesus. I can assure her that the National Weather Service has received no reports of either sunspots or Second Comings.”

“But,” he said, and the regional map shifted from a view of the Mid-South to one of the Pacific Northwest, “we are getting reports of a large front of bullshit floating over Seattle.”

“Seems like there a lot of ridiculously sexy doctors boning each other so much it’s a wonder they have time to save lives,” Devon said. “If this front continues, pretty soon characters might be having sex with ghosts.”

“What’s that,” Peters said, cupping his hear. “Ahh yes, too late. The “ghost fucking” siren is going off. Best to take shelter now, folks.”

At that point, network heads  cut off his feed, instead opting to focus on a budding lesbian romance between the evening anchors, Tiffany Rivera and Dareen Harshaw.

Last week, the channel broke in to give updates on a large supercell moving through the Western Tennessee area, but ever since then, Peters has interrupted the hit TV show to point out a funny-shaped cloud that looked kind of like Elvis, and also give a five-minute lesson on how hail forms.

However, insiders note that Peters has never interrupted an airing of Jimmy Kimmel Live, even during the famous tornado outbreak of 2006, when three people were killed and dozens injured as eight tornados swept through Madison County.


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