Kate’s Time

From Time.com

From Time.com

As soon as I am able to stop staring at that cover, I will give you my picks for Sunday’s Academy Awards.

I just love that image, though. Maybe because she’s not in a fancy frock with baubles and garters (sorry, I’m talking like a woman from the 1920’s suddenly). She’s just in a kind of messy ponytail and tank top. Is it probably still Photoshop some? Yes. But I still love it. And I love her, even though I am afraid saying that will send her on a path to dating Paris Hilton or starring in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

Is it any wonder I’m picking her for Best Actress, as are other publications like Entertainment Weekly? She’s had a damn good year. I haven’t seen Revolutionary Road and was a bit disappointed in The Reader as a whole, but Kate does not disappoint. She should have won two or three Oscars by now, including for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, possibly my favorite movie ever.

I think Meryl Streep will give a good showing, but I really really hope and think this is Kate’s year, Kate’s moment, etc. And I have a friend who looks a bit like Kate Winslet (you know who you are). So that means she should have an amazing run pretty soon, by virtue of resemblance karma.

And if Kate doesn’t win? Well, it’ll probably be Meryl. And Time will feel stupid. But they must be pretty confident to put her on the cover that will arrive in my mailbox the day before the ceremony. It better, at least, so I can gaze adoringly read it while watching the awards.

Now, onto the other acting categories.

Best Actor
It seems to be down to either Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler or Sean Penn for Milk
I’ve seen the latter, and Penn was amazing. But I want Rourke to win. Yes, part of it is he has a better story right now-Penn already has an Oscar for Mystic River, and has never screwed up his career and then managed a comeback the way Rourke was. I’ve read great reviews on Rourke, and if I don’t make it to the theater, I have to rent this one. I suspect it will make me cry (when I do see it, I’ll weigh in more on Rourke vs. Penn). And Rourke’s dog just died. Come on Academy (which has uh, already turned in their ballots)! Give it to Rourke so we can see his moving speech to his dead dog Loki (sad part is, I’m not entirely kidding). Also, so we can see a guy dressed as a pimp win an Oscar. I think Penn might have a slight edge, but I’m going to pick Rourke officially. For what it’s worth, Nate Silver agrees with me.

Best Supporting Actor
If it’s not Heath Ledger, I expect the poor guy who does get it to go into hiding to avoid bodily injury. Which isn’t fair, really. All the actors are worthy. But Ledger has a knockout performance and his own death going for him. Yes, I know that’s crass, and it’s not say that Ledger wouldn’t deserve to get honored if he was still alive. But I suspect it might have been easier for the Academy to turn up their nose and say this was “just a comic book movie” were he still with us. And I wish he was still around.

Best Supporting Actress
This seems the most up in the air. Some say Penelope Cruz, others Viola Davis, others say no, Amy Adams will split the Doubt vote with Davis, so maybe it’s Taraji P. Henson. I have been sitting here stumped for a few minutes, not sure who to pick, but I guess I will go with Henson, because The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has 13 nods, and Cruz’s film just has one. Maybe the Academy will want to reward Button with an acting win? Really do not feel confident about any of the actresses in this category stepping to the podium, though.

Slumdog Millionaire will win Best Picture and Director and Adapted Screenplay and some other stuff too. Let’s say it wins 7 in all. And then maybe it will finally come back to theaters here and I can watch it.

Feel free to make your pics below.



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6 responses to “Kate’s Time

  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    I’m for Rourke all the way and HELL YEAH it’s because of his devotion to his beloved little dogs!

  2. Having seen The Wrestler and Milk… Penn’s overacting doesn’t have a chance. Mickey Rourke is truly understated, gritty, and just sad and funny and sweet and I want to take him home. You will LOVE the movie. Go see it. And if he doesn’t win I will lose my faith in the Academy.

  3. Ben

    Penn wasn’t overacting, Milk was a larger than life character.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil

    I am very unhappy w/the Academy – the award should have gone to Rourke, and Loki. Boo hiss, boo hiss, boo hiss!

  5. lalaland13

    @Devil: Yeah, I was bummed too. The predictions were saying Penn had a slight edge, but still a bummer, since I was hoping Rourke was gaining momentum. Eh bien. But I did think Penn was very good; I just hoped it was Rourke’s year.

  6. Kate is so gorgeous, isn’t she? And she seems like she’d be fun to have a beer with too. I’m so glad she won because most important of all, in this discussion at least, she’s one hell of an actress. I can’t believe it took them this long to give her that recognition.

    I’m also sad Mickey didn’t win. 😦

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