Well, Whistle My Winslet!

I’m a bit late to the party, but what did you think of the Oscars last night? Hugh Jackman could charm my very cranky cat, but he was not exactly … utilized well at times last night. A quick review:

From Usmagazine.com

From Usmagazine.com

The cute little song and dance with Anne Hathaway. For a split second I actually believed she wasn’t in on it from the start. I bet a lot of women, and plenty of men, in that hall wanted to have Hugh sweep them off their feet.



Kate Winslet’s whistling pop. God, I see why she turned out so awesome and down-to-earth, although I’m afraid the British tabloids may try to have her dad deported for that very unsightly display of …. noise. And Kate showed emotion! Horrors! And Kate’s win in general was just grand. Anyone else think she and hubby Sam Mendes are cute together? I hope they stay together; it’s such a hard thing to do in Hollywood.

Tina Fey and Steve Martin ribbing on Scientology. I am a little afraid that they won’t live to see the next Oscars, though. That’s dangerous territory, Tina and Steve. Do not anger Xenu. But keep on doing stuff together, be it Oscar appearances or movies or whatever. Confession: I sorta like to imagine Tina as Steve’s long-lost daughter.

The political speeches by the Milk people. Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and Best Actor Sean Penn were both heartfelt yet pointed. When Black told young gay people that yes, they do have value, I nearly lost it, because damn, that’s something a lot of kids just don’t hear, especially in the Bible Belt.




Did the producers lose a bet with someone? Why the hell were Zac Effron, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus there? OK, Miley was in Bolt, which was nominated, but did that romantic movie montage really need three or four High School Musical scenes? And did they really need to be that celebration of musicals/creative Tourette’s syndrome?

The “five actors welcoming a new member of the club” was well-intended, but just all over the place. Some of the actors tributes seemed heartfelt, but others, like Anthony Hopkins to Brad Pitt, seemed just “Oh god can this stop so I can get to the bar?” I kept waiting for Hopkins to be taken over by the spirit of US Weekly and ask Pitt, in a robot voice, “Why did you leave Jen? Is Angie pregnant again? Do you still love Jen?”

Speaking of which, were all those cuts to Angie while Jennifer was on stage really necessary? I fully expect the tabloids to be all over this: “BRAD ANGIE AND JEN IN SAME ROOM, BREATHING SAME AIR!” Look, tabs, there is basically nothing left to say in this matter. If Angie and Jen strike up a lesbian affair, then have it. Until then, focus on important things. Like, you know, OMG IS THAT A BABY BUMP?

Rourke lost. I wanted him to win, even though Penn did a really good job and gave a good speech acknowledging his difficult reputation. But Rourke already lost his dog last week; I guess I wanted him to not lose the Oscar too. Although to his credit, I’m sure he cares a lot more about the dog than the little man.

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  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    I enjoyed Kate’s genuine warmth and humor throughout the evening. I think we’re looking at our generation’s equivalent of Meryl Streep, minus the detached coolness.

    I cracked up over the Ben Stiller parody of Joaquin Phoenix, and the hasidic meth lab dig was priceless. It does make me wonder WTF is going on w/Joaquin to warrant that level of a public jest.

    I’m still grumpy over the snubbing of Mickey and Loki – bad Academy, bad Academy.

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