Woman Wishes Everyone Would Stop Asking Her Opinion on ‘Slumdog Millionaire”

PHOENIX – An area woman of Indian descent really wishes everyone would stop asking her opinion on Slumdog Millionaire, the feel-good movie that won 8 Academy Awards last Sunday.

“If I tell them I haven’t seen it, they don’t believe me,” said a frustrated Dee Mulik, 31. “I’m not ruling out seeing it, but good god, don’t they know anything about me? Do they expect me to come to work in a sari?”

She was interrupted by a comment from her co-worker asking if she knew any of the actors in the movie.

“No!” cried Mulik. “I was born in Salt Lake City, for crying out loud.”

“What about that dance at the end?” asked the co-worker. “You know that one?”

“I tell them my parents moved to the States right after they got married, but they don’t. Want. To. Listen,” Mulik said, gritting her teeth. “This is worse than the time everyone was asking me if I read Jhumpa Lahiri.”

Only by threatening to have them reincarnated as gnats was Mulik, an agnostic, able to stop the line of questioning. Co-workers then planned to ask HR manager Derek Stevens, a gay man, if he liked Milk. One even suggested asking mailroom employee Adam Harris, who has a shaved head and a Confederate flag decal on his truck, for his thoughts on The Reader.

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One response to “Woman Wishes Everyone Would Stop Asking Her Opinion on ‘Slumdog Millionaire”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    Sounds exactly like the post Oscar discussions in my 3 stop-light town.

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