Welcome Signs and Road Trips

from igougo.com

from igougo.com

I’ve been MIA so far this week, and may be this weekend as well, if my plans for leaving town stick.

So, in that theme, let’s talk road trips. My longest thus far is six hours to the south and west to see a friend a few summers ago (the whole trip was in Texas, bless its big-ass self). It was fun, although I was getting cranky by the sixth hour. But I’d rather drive than fly because of 1) money and 2) convenience. I can start my car without the prior approval of a TSA agent, or without squeezing my way past a fat man to get to my seat. If my trip is delayed, it’s generally my call. Unless my car breaks down, but with my new car (which I am thinking of naming Adele, but I still don’t know), that seems a lot less likely than the trip I took in Bumpy three years ago.

Anyway, this summer I am going to a wedding. I am determined about this. If I have to charge the entire trip to my too-high interest Capital One, I’m going. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, as I have some savings that I hopefully won’t have to use for anything else.

The trip is about 11 hours to the north. I was thinking I’d stop about halfway (somewhere in Iowa, maybe) at a hotel, then head on the rest of the way the next day. But if I did this both coming and going, that’s two extra nights in a hotel, and two extra hits to the purse. Now, my wonderful friend who is getting married says I may be able to spend some of the time at her place (bless you, Heather). So that would help a lot moneywise, but the question remains: Is driving 11 hours in one day a viable option? I could take long breaks to stretch my legs, but if I left early I could get to the hotel by 9 or 10. I’m just not sure if I have the personality to withstand that. I have my iPod, but I may be too fidgety and restless to spend that much time in a car in one day.

So, what are you guys thoughts on the above proposal? And what’s the best/worst/longest road trip you’ve taken?

And finally, a cool new Web site for if you want to get away.You punch in how far away you want to get, and even what direction you want to point your car. Voila-instant road trip suggestions.

And for the other map nerds out there, the ones who stare at the atlas at night just to see what’s out there, I give you pics of state welcome signs. Does anyone else get a little thrill when they enter into another state, like “Gee, I wonder what all is in this place?” No? Just me? OK then. And if you get to go over a bridge into a new state, it’s like a double dose of fun because you get water and a new state! It’s your lucky day, obviously.

Side note: Anyone else think most of those Mississippi signs should say, “Wait, don’t keep going to Florida! Stay here!” Oh god, I think I smell another blog topic…


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4 responses to “Welcome Signs and Road Trips

  1. bebehblog

    We usually consider 10 hours the limit on single-day driving, unless you have someone to switch with. But my inlaws make the 13 hour drive to visit us with surprising frequency, so it can’t be that bad.

    I always take pictures of “welcome to” signs, although many of them are fuzzy because the driver refused to stop. Some people just can’t appreciate the joy of a road trip.

  2. It depends on how hard core you are….I’ve done 12 hours by myself and it was boring and terrible, but nice to get there at the end of the day and just BE THERE. I’ve done longer with a partner, but not more than 15 hours in a day.

  3. I did 13 hours from Raleigh to Ft. Lauderdale once and it was brutal. And I wasn’t even driving. I like a good road trip, but I have my limits.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil

    My limit is 15-18 hours, if I’m traveling solo. I find books on tape (CD) to be a great help in passing the time.

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