These people are not engaged.

Till fame do they part. From

Till fame do they part. From

I really wish people would stop taking the morons on The Bachelor seriously.

There’s an alleged brouhaha because one of the bachelors proposed to one girl in the final show, then in the post-final final show, dumped her for the other girl. Who took him back, of course.

Now, I will admit that this bachelor dude is probably a prick. But that’s because he’s on The Bachelor. That’s the first clue. And I hope most of the girls who want to woo him are more interested in a career on TV than him. At least I hope so, or else there needs to be a new show titled The Therapist. Most reality show participants would qualify.

First of all, the proposal isn’t an actual proposal to be wed and live as husband and wife. It’s more a proposal of “There’s no one I’d rather appear on TV for the next few weeks and pretend to love than you. There’s also no one I would rather dump and pretend to be sad about. Honey, will you be my fame whore for life? Or at least the next few weeks?”

That, at least, would be honest. While many reality shows are staged, The Bachelor is especially insulting, because the end of the show is a proposal, because that’s all women want, right? No “let’s date a bit and see where this goes, shall we?” You must propose, because that’s what Women Expect. I know I’d be very upset if I made out with a guy in a hot tub in front of cameras and didn’t get a ring. I mean, really; what nerve!

Then the cameras turn off, and the real thing isn’t so pretty. I understand why people watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Shows like that can be hard to look away from, and honestly, I’ve watched more than my share of wedding shows on WE or TLC or The Uterus Channel. So I can’t judge people who watch this and say “Good God these people are nuts.”

So People magazine, stop trying to manufacture this into some great betrayal or shock or outrage. The only shock is that anyone would expect better of a man who agrees to live in a house full of women, humiliate them on camera, then announce he’s selected one of them as worthy of being his wife, thus releasing them from the horrible curse of singlehood.

Has anyone actually watched this show recently? Am I being too harsh, or is this all as eye-rollingly ridiculous as it sounds?



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2 responses to “These people are not engaged.

  1. Of all the trashy shit I watch and have watched (and believe you me, there’s a lot I’ve seen), I can proudly say I’ve never watched “The Bachelor.” Like you, I hate that the big “prize” is a proposal and I just think the whole thing is so lame and contrived and honestly, a little skeevy. Who wants to marry a guy who was making out and maybe even more with other girls during the time he was “falling in love” with you? Gross.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil

    This just reaffirms my rejection of 99% of what is on television!! Yuk, just yuk.

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