Natasha Richardson Dead at 45


What’s been rumored as inevitable the last day or so has now been confirmed:Natasha Richardson has died at 45, two days after suffering a fatal head injury at a ski resort in Canada.

I can’t imagine what Liam Neeson and his boys are going through right now. This just seems like such a freak thing, but apparently “talk and die” head injuries happen fairly often. She was talking and laughing with one or both of her boys, and she was dying that whole time. And didn’t know it. My God.

It’s almost a cliche at this point, but in times like this “What Sarah Said” by Death Cab for Cutie always goes through my mind. I’m not going to listen to it right now, because it will make me lose it.

I wish the media would leave the family alone right now. And it’s one thing to get pics of adults going into the hospital, but another entirely to get pics of her sons. The former is definitely skeevy, but the latter is just ridiculous.

Do the photogs and such feel like voyeurs? Did the Toronto Star reporter who saw her being loaded into the ambulance, saw Liam Neeson “looking very concerned” (well no shit) and touching his wife tenderly feel any guilt or any sense of “I am not supposed to be here?” Look, I know reporters need detail and info when something happens. But I don’t know that anyone needed to see or report on that. More so for Liam’s sake than hers, as sadly, she was probably pretty much gone by then.

Once I covered a murdered police officer’s funeral, and I felt a bit like an intruder during the burial. Looking back on things like that, I think that was probably exactly how I was supposed to feel.



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6 responses to “Natasha Richardson Dead at 45

  1. AGreenEyeDevil

    Concur Lala, this family is dealing with a shocking tragedy and death, their privacy deserves to be respected.

    I have buried countless family and friends through the years and I can not fathom enduring media scrutiny during such an emotionally exhausting time.

  2. So, so, so unbelievably sad that there are no words.

  3. I lost my mom suddenly in a car accident, and one of the most horrifying things of all was the news report on the crash. In the footage, you could kind of see her lying there, covered with a sheet, in the midst of the wreckage. I’m still troubled by that image, nearly 10 years later, so I can only imagine how those photos and videos have and will affect her family.

    There should be a rule in situations like this that the press and /or paparazzi cannot take photos. It’s a gross invasion of privacy and a slap in the face to the grieving loved ones.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil

    Oh DottyZ, that breaks my heart for you, I’m so sorry.

  5. @Dotty: Oh honey I’m really really sorry. That’s awful. I’ve always been told that if you need a wreck picture, stick to the cars or emergency personnel working the wreck or something. No need for sheet-covered bodies or any kind of indication of a body. I want to hug you now.

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