I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK.

The father of Texas liked to surf, as it turns out.

The father of Texas liked to surf, as it turns out.

So, Day 1 of March Madness is over. How’s your bracket looking? Mine’s OK. Not playing for money this year, so hopefully no nervous breakdowns when my team can’t make a free throw to save their life.

I love tourney time, and I have even more reason to this year, because my alma matter, Stephen F. Austin State is in for the first time ever (at least on the men’s side). They won the Southland conference, and now No. 3 seed Syracuse awaits in Miami. Gulp. But I’m still gonna be darn proud no matter what, because I love SFA, even if they took way too much of my darn money (I’m still not paying that parking ticket. They gave it to me after they mailed my diploma and right before I was about to leave. So screw it-I went four-and-a-half years without a ticket, and you wanna give me one two months after graduation? No). So when you see SFA, and have no idea how to pronounce that crazy town they’re from, think of me.

My final four, by the by: Louisville, Pitt, Memphis and Syracuse-if they’re gonna kick my school’s butt, they better go far, dangit.

And if SFA does do the unthinkable? Well, I will be thrilled. And also waiting at my door impatiently, as Steve Nash will obviously be leaving his wife for me as well.

What are you enjoying or not digging about the tournament so far? Regardless of your bracket’s state, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and axe ’em Jacks!


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  1. I might be totally losing it, but I swear I saw a new Steve Nash commercial on during the tournament this weekend. It was during the Saturday evening games. Did you see it? I immediately thought of you when I saw it!

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