The Recession That I Get

I have friends going through divorce, friends who just moved to new and unfamiliar places, friends who are dealing with planning a wedding and a career, both of which hit the occasional roadblock.

And then throw the recession on top of everything else, and the fact that my beloved industry seems to be dying right before my eyes and well, I’m a little stressed. And I don’t know quite what to do with my life other than what I’m doing now.

But I have friends, and those are always helpful. We aren’t going through this alone. We will figure this out. And my cat will eventually stop crying for no apparent reason (he’s not mistreated, and he knows it).

Anyway, here are some songs getting me through days like this.

Yes, there are some valid criticisms of this band. But I have no ability to criticize this song, because it’s downright incandescent in its wonder and ultimately, hopefulness.

Ben Folds wrote this song for his son, but you don’t have to have kids or even like them to appreciate this one. Because really, it does suck to grow up. Also, did anyone else know Ben Folds has been married four times? I did not. Anyway, he’s still kind of a musical crush of mine, even if it’s been married 19 times and his life was actually the basis for the HBO show Big Love.

So, I’m thinking of naming my car Adele. Because it, ya know, chases pavements. Even if they lead nowhere.

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