Reporters Criticized for Using Pens, Paper as Crutch

OMG Cheater

OMG Cheater

WASHINGTON ā€” White House press critics today questioned why reporters like the AP’s Ron Fournier, who recently criticized President Barack Obama’s use of a Teleprompter during a press conference, feel the need to record words spoken by others onto notepads and recording devices.

Relying on a familiar crutch used by journalists, Fournier wrote down words on a notepad before then transferring them to a computer screen for use in an “analysis” of Obama’s Tuesday speech.

Harvard media studies professor Hayden Lind suggested that Americans want bold and innovative reporting in times like these.

“Reporters have been using pens and notepads for centuries, but we believe the current class of reporters should be held to a different standard,” Lind said. “Take chances. Don’t write anything down. Just go back to the office and wing it from memory. If you get it wrong, well, at least it was an authentic, down-home and folksy kind of wrong that you would want to have a beer with.”

As a storm of criticism enveloped many in the press, large news organizations like The New York Times announced plans to eliminate pens, papers and recording devices from their respective budgets.

“Reporters should rely on their hard-nosed determination to seek the truth above all else,” said a spokesman or someone for the New York Times, who also said some other crap we can’t quite remember right now, but it’ll come to us in a minute, really. Promise.

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  1. Well, it’s about time the liberal media came around and realized the merits of the Joe Sixpack school of journalism.

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