You can’t do that with your brother.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Partly because my bracket was sucking (0 for 4 in the Final Four), partly because I enjoy watching people throw themselves and others about an ice rink, I watched the world figure skating championships Friday and Saturday. And I saw the above couple, Sinead and John Kerr of Great Britain. They are not married. They are brother and sister.

OK then. Whatever works for em. But it seems a bit icky to partner with your brother in a sport that depends a fair amount on the chemistry you have on the ice. They’re ice dancers, by the way, which means no throwing or jumping. But you can be a bow on the boat that is your brother.

And yeah, since he’s in figure skating, there’s a decent chance he’s gay. Still, it’s weird.

Anyway, the championships were held in Los Angeles this year. America did OK. Evan Lysacek got the gold in the men’s competition.



American men generally don’t do as well as the ladies, or at least don’t get as much attention. This year, it was the opposite-Lysacek got gold, and the combined finish of him and the other American men was enough to guarantee the US of A three spots at next year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Meanwhile, the girls will only send two ladies to next year’s Winter Games after their highest finish was fifth. Meanwhile, Bob Costas kept pestering 28-year-old Michelle Kwan about if she really intended to try and make a comeback next year. She wouldn’t commit one way or another. My thinking is she may try, but even as great as she was, her time has probably passed.

The only other medal the Americans got came in ice dancing, for Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto. They got silver.

photo by the Associated Press

photo by the Associated Press

But they also kinda got robbed. The Russians who beat them had great technical skill but no real emotion. Even the LA Times noticed. So we’ll see what happens next year. I find those two adorable, by the way. They have chemistry and are not related. Or dating. In fact, I think Belbin was/still is dating Lysacek. Yes, I know way too much about figure skating. But in my defense, I watch this instead of The Hills. The acting is better, for one.

Anyway how was your weekend and/or how is your bracket?



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3 responses to “You can’t do that with your brother.

  1. The brother and sister made me squicky. And the picture of the winning dude? I laughed out loud. Awesome.

    I tried to watch this over the weekend, but I got bored.

  2. lalaland13

    @Britni: Yeah, the picture of Lysaeck kind of amused me as well. I wanted to make some smartass comment about it, but I wasn’t sure what to say. His face is very interesting, though. And I got bored in events where Americans weren’t doing well. I felt like a self-absorbed American.

  3. As you know, my bracket’s gone to that big tournament in the sky.

    Wasn’t this the joke in that Will Ferrell ice skating movie? Weren’t Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s characters a brother/sister duo who got a little icky on the ice?

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