Hey, Baby

Don't just stand there in your green underwear, you jerk!

Don't just stand there in your green underwear, you jerk!

So pardon me for sitting here a bit bug-eyed. See, my internet buddy over at Bebehblog is, in case you couldn’t tell from the title, having a baby. Like, now. Contractions are happening. To her, I say-why are you reading this blog? You’re having a baby! I’m guessing that since you’re in early stages now, he won’t debut till tomorrow. As always, I’m sending good thoughts up north, and also sending you a really cool card. Seriously-just got it at Walgreens, along with ant traps and Claritin. You can have those too, if you really want em.

And now, if you can, name this quote:
“I love you, and I’m gonna play with you all the time.”
“How can you let him talk to your crotch like that?”
“He’s talking to the baby.”
“Oh I heard him say ‘I can’t wait to hear your first words’, and I thought, well that’s a trick.”

Also, if you’ve made it this far through the uterus-gazing, tell me if you want kids, don’t know or just don’t care. Why or why not? Please answer in a complete sentence.

OK, now this is really really weird. Just talked to my mom. I have a 14-year-old stepbrother, and now his 44-year-old mom is pregnant by her second husband. Accidental. When I pick my jaw up from the floor, I’ll be back. I’m happy for em, but wow, I can’t imagine having a baby in my 40s.

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  1. cate3710

    Oh yay, the bebeh finally listened to everyone’s demands that he GET OUT already!

    As for me – I’m a bit afraid of kids. I’m the youngest, I didn’t babysit, and I have zero experience dealing with babies and little ones. I’ve told my mom to get used to the idea of having grand-kitties instead of grandkids. Still, I’ve found myself smiling at the cuteness of children on the subways/sidewalks more often lately, so who knows?

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