Makes me feel like a madman on the run.

I’ve been sort of AWOL this week. While I’m about to enter another hectic work week, I have found time to become obsessed with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I have Show Their Bones, so I’ve been a fan before now. And while I could never pull it off, but Karen O looks great in just about all the arty clothes she wears. Her hair is nuts, but again, she rocks it. The band has been everywhere lately to promote their new album, including SNL. They did two kick-ass songs: “Zero” and “Maps.” And at the end, Karen O hugged Zac Efron, and he automatically got cooler from it.

Watching the above video, I wanna run around town causing mischief with shopping carts. At least if the band is with me.

I think they’ve just shot to the top of my “bands I want to see live” list. Now most of you live in bigger cities than I do and have therefore had more chances, but what bands are still on your list?

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