You’re Killing Me, Jill

That woman up there may look innocent, but she is plotting to kill me.

Her name is Jillian Michaels, and while I haven’t watched the show, I know she yells at 400-pound people on The Biggest Loser. Now she is yelling at me-well, not yelling. But when I’m panting and dying and trying to do jumping jacks, she’s saying, “I got 400-pound people doing this; you can, too!”

I wanted to work out, and the walking about town wasn’t working as well as I had hoped. So a couple of weeks ago, I got this video from Target. The idea is that you can work 20 minutes a day and look awesome as long as you kick your own ass. That’s partly literally, as there’s an exercise called “butt kicks.”

Throughout the video, Jillian is all “Come on I want you to push yourself” and “You have to fight for it!” and “Come on Porky McFatFace!” OK, I may be making that last one up. She’s really not that bad-she repeats mantras and tells you not to quit, but I imagine most exercise vids do that. She’s not annoyingly chipper, either. Sometimes I have to look away from the DVD playing because the trim and athletic girls are annoying to look at. They barely seem to break a sweat.

Is it making a difference? Not sure, but so far, there’s no real change on the scale. Gonna try not to get too hung up on that, though I do want to lose some weight. While I don’t manage to do it everyday, I’m trying to do it four or five days a week-we’ll see how that goes. I do feel better after working out-I just finished about 30 minutes ago, and I can kind of feel the endorphins buzzing. I do occasionally want to die during the workout, yes But my muscles are throbbing and a bit wobbly, so I will take that as a good sign. And at least I’m not on a TV show looking like a wimp. Although my cats do kind of look at me with disdain and “What the heck are you doing, lady?”

I’d probably recommend this video, all in all. The key will be not getting sick of the same thing-there are three different workouts, and I’m still doing the first one, so maybe that won’t be an issue. Any of you ever do workout videos, and what do you recommend? Me, I remember my mom doing Jazzercise when I was a kid-god, those were hilarious. My cousin also did this video with a blond ponytailed guy named Tony. His big catchphrase was “You can do it! Tone to the bone with Tony!” My cousin, brother and I would repeat that and then collapse in a fit of giggles. To this day, it’s still kind of an inside joke.


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5 responses to “You’re Killing Me, Jill

  1. cate3710

    Cats do not understand exercise at ALL. Mine likes to get underfoot during yoga, and she once attacked my hair while I was in Child’s Pose.

    • Heather

      Hmmm… you may have just given me an idea. I need exercise with no money to join a gym, and I’d rather not walk around the neighborhood. I might have get the video and try it out…

  2. Good for you for setting a goal and actually putting in the effort to do it. I say I’m gonna start getting back in shape and I’ve been saying it for FIVE YEARS. I’ve worked out exactly once in that time period. So basically, you rock.

  3. TheDomina

    I have this video too and if I do two 20-min segments at a time I do feel sore. I haven’t yet done a 20-min segment every single day so I don’t know how it works if you do, but it seems to kick butt and make you sweat. Maybe your lack of scale movement is due to muscle mass gain?

  4. bebehblog

    I love Jillian but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be scared enough of her on tape. Is there an option where she will come to my house and yell at me to run until I puke? Cuz she does that on the show fairly often.

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