May Day

Why hello there, May. Nice to see you. I always know that seeing you means summer is imminent. Back in my school days, I knew we would be done with all this learning stuff by your last day. And now I am going to stop addressing you as a person, because it’s clunky and hard to pull off.

I am taking a summer vacation this year. I marked it on the official Boss Calendar yesterday. If you’ve been reading, you probably know I am going to a wedding in the Midwest. A fun time will be had by all.

At my workplace, there’s always a bit of vacation resentment, because no two people can take vacation the same week. It’s fine if two people take the same day off, but two people can’t be gone the same week. So I marked the calendar fast, before someone could take my days.

What are you doing this summer? Is the thrilling recession getting in your way? Maybe you should visit Arkansas. We have fun things to do. You can even check out a white supremacist rally. Not that I recommend that, though. There are much more fun things to do. Although for neo-Nazis, that’s probably like Disney World.

I am going to close now, before I start imagining what kind of rides you would have at a white supremacist theme park. Have a good weekend, all.


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