Dirk’s “Tough Time”

I knew my Mavs weren’t doing too well in the playoffs against Denver. I was so proud when they beat the Spurs to advance, but then they started against Denver and well, the fecal matter hit the oscillating device. In more ways than one.

Dallas Morning News: Source: Woman arrested at Dirk Nowitzki’s home is his girlfriend.

Anytime you have “arrested” and “girlfriend” so close together like that, you know it’s not an easy time for the guy. If, as some reports claim, she’s pregnant and they’re engaged, then it’s even more tumultuous.

This woman has a felony history, and if she and Dirk are involved romantically, did he not know about that? Think it was no biggie? Such deception and/or delusion happens to plenty of people everyday; however, most of them aren’t one-time MVPs of the NBA.

But two things don’t seem to go together: if “sources” that are telling TV are right that they are expecting a baby and planning to be wed, why would he hire a private investigator? Wouldn’t you do that before the engagement? I don’t know, but I can’t picture Dirk going, “Hey, she has 8 aliases and a criminal history! Well, whatever her real name is, I’m sure we’ll be very happy.”

Anyway, Dirk isn’t going into detail about all this, other than saying, “It’s pretty obvious I’m going through a tough time in my personal life right now.” Can’t blame him a bit for that, really. Yes, I work in media, but I will readily acknowledge that while people have plenty of right to be curious, they don’t have the right to know. You can’t do a Freedom of Information request on Dirk’s personal life. Nor should you be able to. It’s up to him what he wants to reveal. He’s not holding secret meetings with the Dallas city council and failing to notify the press.

So I feel for him, and hope he gets this worked out. If she’s on a probation violation hold (and I don’t know for sure that she is), Crystal Taylor could be in jail a while.

I think Steve Nash should come to the rescue. Actually, I think that in most situations. But Dirk and Nash are known to be good buddies, and I would imagine Dirk needs a good buddy right now. And not one who will act as a “source” to the media.

Side note: I know that pic really has nothing to do with the story. Steve Nash was not arrested at Dirk’s house. But I like it and think it’s funny, and figured this post could use some levity.

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