Yes, you can. So do it.


Dear Barack Obama:

I know you have plenty of time to read blogs, so I figured I would address you in this way. See, you’re starting to piss me off a bit.

I don’t consider you “the Messiah,” as some conservatives have implied that all people who vote for you do. I consider you a talented politician and an intelligent, thoughtful man who wanted to change some things. Not everything, no. But some things. Some important things.

This not releasing torture photos thing is well, bullshit, as that link points out. Now, I understand Obama doesn’t want to piss off the commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan. But people already know about the torture perpetrated by some soldiers-not all, some. It’s already affecting the reputation of America. At least some of the pictures need to be out there to remind everyone this cannot happen anymore. A lot of these people already hate us. You are not George W. Bush, and for that I am grateful. So stop fighting the release of the photos, damnit. Stop this state secrets crap.

On gay marriage and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I am willing to be a little more forgiving. Or I would be, if you weren’t pulling the aforementioned crap re: terrorism, torture, etc. You say the issues need study and you want to be careful. I think Nate Silver had it spot on when he said, basically, grow a pair:

But at some point, on some issue, he’s got to show some balls. It’s been a very cautious, lower-case C conservative presidency.

I think that what may be bothering me the most. I can actually see a case for not releasing the photos, but the way this has happened is frustrating. Yes, I’ve been trying to take a wait-and-see attitude on some of this. But the more I wait, the less I like what I see. I think you could do great things, and could still have a very productive presidency. And goodness knows I’ll vote for you in 2012, because the alternatives are not palpable. But get all this torture stuff in the open, please. All of it. Let us talk about it, let us analyze it, let us be horrified. Then maybe it can be over, or close to over. Even if you don’t want to prosecute anybody, this has to get aired out. If for no other reason than I’m tired of Dick Cheney talking about all of this and cackling evilly.

I will keep reading about this and trying to figure it out. I’m not panicking. In the morning this may not bother me much at all. But right now it’s starting to nag at me.

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